Aneurysm 4

The context in which this photograph by Rebecca Rijsdijk was taken is a personal story: an accident that took place when she was 19 years old. Here below you can read more about this. But firstly, what we see: the ruffled up sheets of a double bed that at first sight seem to be lit by the evening or morning sun, at least that appears to be so by the reddish brown colours. But on further inspection you see through the window that it’s light outside, full daylight; it’s daytime and the light falling on the bed is artificial light coming through a doorway, possibly from the bathroom, illuminating the room. The figure – whether it’s a male or female is not immediately clear – is sat, arched over, at the edge of the bed: ready to go and meet the day or dejected by something we don’t know of. This photograph gives very little away and yet immediately its atmosphere that rests between expectation and disappointment strikes you. It turns out that this isn’t a random snapshot we’re looking at but that the photographer has carefully selected it, and with this the image gains more meaning without losing its initial power. Because that’s what stirs in this photograph: you know that there’s something the matter, but you can’t put your finger on it. That moment is caught here and that’s what stays with you. A suspended moment is captured. 




Anthon Fasel


Rebecca Rijsdijk