During frequently repeated travels Jeroen Bruggenwirth tries to offer something to the viewer of what he came across in the landscapes he ‘discovers’ for us. He’s also captured by a river like the Rhine, one of the ‘lifelines’ of Europe, where he not only photographed the river itself, the diversity of buildings and people along its banks, but with a sharp eye he also zoomed in upon details that describe something about life along such a river.

Take a look: a car park with an Imbiss: a German snack bar, where you can order at the counter and are also suppose to eat while standing… Imagine: in a bend of one of the largest rivers in Europe, surrounded by tree-covered hills, with a town on the opposite shore, you set up a snack bar. You’ve every reason to set out a couple of tables, perhaps a bench or at least a place, albeit standing, where you can enjoy the scenery. But none of that: you eat your snack with a view on the fluorescent-lit menu of the bright green painted snack bar, built on a whack of asphalt. Nature? Scenery? Nothing of the sort. Consume, you will. There’s an image of how we deal with nature, in a photograph captured by Jeroen Bruggenwirth.


Anthon Fasel


Jeroen Bruggenwirth