Which way the wind blows #15

For this January, once again a photo by Janneke Aronson. In previous years December’s photo was available for two months, this year a second photograph by Janneke Aronson is the Foto van de Maand. A photograph from the same series as the photo of December 2013: Which way the wind blows.


In the photograph we see a similar landscape as in the previous photo, except now the human aspect appears to be absent. Appears to be indeed – in a small valley we can see the corrugated roof of some kind of structure. Although it’s hardly noticeable, because initially your gaze is drawn to the distant panorama and sky beyond the hills that merge together in gentle undulations. But humans are also present here: the dry stone walls, the corrugated iron stable, and the poles standing upright in the ground without any indication of what they might be meant for. Man has been at work here in an attempt to conquer the hills. But how insignificant is the result in the landscape that rolls unaffected towards the sea.


Anthon Fasel

Translation: Rosie Heinrich



Both photographs can be ordered separately for €175 or as a pair for €300.



Janneke Aronson