Maarten Boswijk

Maarten Boswijk (b.1988, Rotterdam, NL) received his BDs in Documentary Photography from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2012. His work consists of long-term social documentary projects in which he explores deviating communities. In an attempt to put the western standards in perspective, he seeks places where people have a very distinct relationship with their environment. His projects are often self-published in the form of a book. He was recently selected for NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2013. Maarten currently resides in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

“Born and raised on a small island, how could I possibly imagine what must be like? Growing up in a community where everyone knows me and vice versa and go through high school with the same people I grew up with. I remember what it was like for me to say goodbye to all my friends when it started. Everyone chose a different direction and had to start over, and on top of that we moved to another city. Every day a get-together of hundreds of kids around my age of which I spent the coming 4 years with a select few. The forming of groups is inevitable, and the group you end up in influences a great deal your personal developments in the coming years.

But there's no groups here. There's only one group that counts no more than 5 people. Bullying and rivalry simply don't apply. These are the people that you shared the sandbox with as a kid. Not just that one boy or girl that you remember, but all of them, including those 2 years older or younger than you. These are the people that you learned to live with, the ones that make you feel safe and have always been around. The daily shifts between environments and the constant meetings with new people that I experienced in the past years, here on the island, is inapplicable.”